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I’m Khaled Elmasri, Founder and CEO of Rise Fitness Business Coaching and host of the Nor Cal Fitness Summit. I created the Nor Cal Fitness Summit 4 years ago for one reason: I was frustrated.

I was going to all the different industry events looking for advice on how to grow my business and attract more clients. Events where I could connect with other fitness professionals.

But all I could find were industry events where no one connected and the topics were the same old talks that I had heard year after year. I didn't need any more CEU's. I needed clients!

I needed a network of fitness professionals I could reach out to and not feel like I was on an island by myself. And I wasn’t the only one in our industry who felt this way. With the best intentions in the world, there was still something lacking at these events.

So I went and created my own event, Nor Cal Fitness Summit, to give trainers like you the tools and techniques you REALLY need to attract more clients and grow your business in a small group event that affords you, the attendee the intimacy and camaraderie that allows you to deeply connect with others in the room to help you create the lifestyle you have dreamed of.

~ Khaled