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As a Success-Driven Fitness Professional on the West Coast, What Are Your 3 BIGGEST FRUSTRATIONS When it Comes to Educational Opportunities That Will Increase Your Client & Business Success?

Let me start by saying this…

I was the Fitness Director for several ‘big box’ gyms, oversaw the educational and business development of dozens of Fitness Professionals and now, am a proud member of the glorious ‘Evolution Trainers’ team in Northern California.

And through all that experience, I can tell you that your frustrations are the exact same as mine.

The exact same as every other West Coast Fitness Professionals I’ve ever worked with, for that matter.

There are 3 BIG-TIME FRUSTRATIONS we all share.

Starting right here -


This one comes with all due respect.

No question about that.

Because just like you, I adore every single one of the incredible Fitness Professionals who came before me, blazed a path and helped me become what I am through leadership, education and mentorship.

But at the same time, I’d be willing to be bet that you and I BOTH know world-class Fitness Professionals who most of our industry as never even heard of.

And that’s the problem.

Every single conference I have ever attended has featured virtually all the same presenters.

Oftentimes, offering the exact same presentations.

Just re-packaged or re-purposed with new titles, a few varying points or extra case studies.

But 95% of the material is the same.

That’s not to say the material is bad, beneath me and you or not worthy of our time.

But our industry is in desperate need of fresh voices.

Revolutionary, innovative and cutting-edge education delivered by some of the greatest minds in professional fitness who spend most of their time in-the-trenches and testing their systems in real life situations, with real life clients…

… All of which means that you and I will both be given information that we can implement tomorrow and start seeing improved results with our clients immediately.

And that’s what I wanted to create.

An exciting and ground-breaking educational experience for success-driven Fitness Professionals who have mad respect for the well-known elite in our industry, but are truly thrilled about the idea of learning new information from highly skilled, highly successful professionals who are part of the ‘Next Generation’.

Early Bird Special!

Register before January 31st, 2015 and pay only $399 $199.

Nor-Cal Fitness Summit

Pete Holman - Nor-Cal Fitness Summit 2014The Nor-Cal Fitness Summit was an amazing opportunity to present amongst educated fitness professionals and other high level educators. I truly felt I learned from the participants, staff and other co-presenters in an environment that fostered unity and industry growth. Thanks NORCAL for a life-changing experience.

~ Pete Holman (TRX Training)

Now, when it comes to FRUSTRATION as a success-driven Fitness Professional on the West Coast, there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to resonate with this one…

The “EPIC EXPENSE” Existence…

And it REALLY IS an ‘existence’ truth for Fitness Professionals on the West Coast!

Let’s face, the East Coast and Midwest are where the bulk of world-class fitness education events are held.

Hot beds like New York, Chicago and Boston.

Not to mention that when fitness education events are hosted on the West Coast, they are either in Southern California or Las Vegas.

And as reasonably close as those geographic locations are for us, what most of the rest of the United States doesn’t realize is that Southern California is a sprawling area that really isn’t convenient for anyone unless that event is being held in your exact city.

Also, Southern California and Vegas are incredibly expensive places.

So you have no choice but to shell out big time cash for attendance fees, travel and accommodations in some of the most outrageously priced parts of the country!

Most success-driven Fitness Professionals can’t pay for a $1,000 weekend and shut-down their businesses for 3 – 5 days.

What you and I both have been craving is a fitness education event that doesn’t matter if you make $30,000 or $300,000 a year…

… Because it’s an affordable and world-class educational opportunity for increased fitness and business success without overwhelming you or requiring massive overhauls to your current operations. 

Early Bird Special!

Register before January 31st, 2015 and pay only $399 $199.

Reserve Your Spot for the May 2nd-3rd Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Now

Click Here to See Our Nor-Cal Summit Presenters

 Melody Schoenfeld - Nor-Cal Fitness SummitI spoke at the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit in April, 2014. I was incredibly impressed not only by the organized, professional way that it was run, but also by the extremely high caliber of the speakers. The NorCal Fitness Summit seems to get better and better every time, and is unbelievably affordable. If you are looking for a tremendous educational experience, the NorCal Fitness Summit is not to be missed.”

Melody Schoenfeld (Strong First)

The last frustration is your biggest one.

I absolutely guarantee it…


What kind of education do you get at most big-name conferences?

It’s either an event that is 100% ‘training-based’ and contains a huge number of speakers or 100% ‘business-based’ with a relatively smaller speaker line-up.

Of course, both events are great, but with the 100% ‘training-based’ conferences, you get loaded down with massive amounts of information – sometimes, information that conflicts with each other – and need to spend a week just to recover and make sense of everything you heard, BEFORE actually implementing it.

And with the 100% ‘business-based’ events, you walk away with stellar information related to building your business and becoming more profitable, but oftentimes feel as though you have to become less of a Fitness Professional and more of a ‘Business Person’ because what you learned requires hours of time to implement well.

You just don’t want to be overwhelmed anymore.

You don’t want to walk away from a 3 – 5 day fitness education event feeling drunk or dizzy from the mass amount of information you were offered.

    • Confused about where to start.
    • How to make sense of it all.
    • Wondering where you’re going to make-up the money you just spent.

Figuring out how to apply all this new information so that you can service your current clients better, find new clients and create systems so that your success rates and business revenues can grow in line with how capable you know you are.

What you really want is an intimate, hands-on, directed and simple fitness education event that gives you access to world-class information that is easy to implement tomorrow and will help you increase training and business success immediately.

Reserve Your Spot for the May 2nd – 3rd Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Now

Click Here to See Our Nor-Cal Summit Presenters

Vito LaFata - Nor-Cal Fitness SummitThe Nor-Cal Summit is helping trainers learn more than just the skills of personal training, but the more important BUSINESS of personal training. Cutting edge presenters, intimate environment, deep learning these are the tools of success right at your fingertips.”

Vito La Fata (Creator – Fitness Profit Systems)

Those 3 massive frustrations are exactly what caused me to create the “Nor-Cal Fitness Summits” series.

So, I want to say this again -

Nor-Cal Fitness Summit

Click Here to See Our Nor-Cal Summit Presenters

Our next “Nor-Cal Fitness Summit event is taking place—

Saturday May 2nd – Sunday May 3rd, 2015
Only 150 Seats Available
** Register & Reserve Your Spot Now **

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NorCal Fitness Summit

Click Here to See Our Nor-Cal Summit Presenters

The 2014 Nor-Cal Fitness Summit is sponsored by Reebok ONE.

The 2015 Nor-Cal Fitness Summit is sponsored by Reebok ONE.

If you’re like me and want a world-class fitness education experience that is…

    • Full of fresh, new and innovative ideas from some of the leading ‘in-the-trenches’ experts in the world
    • Affordable and local for success-driven Fitness Professionals on the West Coast
    • Simple, with easy to implement ideas that will have your client and business successes soaring within days
    • Intimately set and offers you the unique opportunity of learning ‘hands-on’ 

… Then the next “Nor-Cal Fitness Summit” is for you.

Reserve Your Spot for the May 2nd – 3rd Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Now

I’m so looking forward to seeing you there!

Sincerely, Khaled Elmasri

Click Here to See Our Nor-Cal Summit Presenters

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